Congratulations to Rotarian and The Lodge at Deadwood General Manager, Anthony Galbraith!

The Lodge at Deadwood challenges its employees to choose excellence over average in every situation. This includes greeting guests in the hallway when they come within 10 feet of them and using the guest’s name whenever possible.

The Lodge at Deadwood has a comprehensive training program for all their employees that includes information on how to turn an unhappy guest into a satisfied guest using positive body language, eye contact and the anticipation of needs.

All frontline employees undergo additional training that includes the Top 12 steps for creating a culture of hospitality at the front desk. All employees are randomly tested throughout the year to help maintain service retention and excellence.

Using customer reviews and comment cards, The Lodge at Deadwood acknowledges employees for a job well done with one-on-one managerial recognition, as well as a corporate Employee of the Month and an Employee of the Year program.

They also encourage everyone from maintenance and housekeeping to wait staff and Blackjack dealers to be ambassadors for their town, suggesting things visitors might enjoy during their stay.

(The Lodge at Deadwood is a corporate category winner with access to a larger corporate training program.)