Terrific inspirational message from NBH Rotary President, Tahiry Razafimanjato.
Today, inspired by the solidarity all around the country to fight against COVID-19, I would like to focus on the “radical philanthropist” penned by Andrew Carnegie.
When Andrew Carnegie sold his steel company in 1901, his share of the sale price ensured him $1 million a month for life. What did he do with all of that money? He gave it away.
In total, he gave away around $350 million (many billions in today’s dollars). He summed up his life in two parts: the first for getting money and the second for giving it away.
He specifically focused his giving to make a better world:
  • He helped pay for 2,800 libraries.
  • He gave $30 million to American and British universities.
  • He donated 7,600 organs to churches worldwide.
  • He made possible the Carnegie Hero Fund which gave awards for bravery in time of peace.
  • He endowed organizations dedicated to research in science, education, world peace and other causes:
Among his gifts was the $1.1 million required for the land and construction costs of Carnegie Hall in New York City.
The Carnegie Institution for Science, Carnegie Mellon University and the Carnegie Foundation were all founded thanks to his financial gifts.
A lover of books, he was the largest individual investor in public libraries in American history.
But what I like the most is this qoute from his essay “ The Gospel Of Wealth” which says:
We often love things and use people, when we should be using things and loving people.”
Is there a Rotary spirit with all of that?  
God bless you all and take care for your health.