NBH Rotary and Beautify Spearfish joined forces on Saturday to help a family repair its storm-damaged Belle Fourche home.
Two Spearfish residents, Blanca and Nika, tragically lost their father earlier in 2022. Soon after, the June 2022 hail storm damaged their father's home, destroying five exterior windows. When they called in an insurance claim, they learned that their father's home wasn't insured. At a loss, Blanca turned to NBH Rotarian Kelly Harnett. Kelly rallied donations through her non-profit, Beautify Spearfish, and her fellow Rotarians. She also wrangled Todd Brownell, owner of Modern Concepts, to donate his and his helper's time, to install the windows.
Relatively-skilled and unskilled Rotarians mustered to help Todd and Josh on a 10-degree day pull off the plywood that had covered the windows for four months, remove the old windows, fit and install the new windows and replace the window trim. For the first time in over four months, sunlight entered the house where her sister and children now live.
The family is very grateful!