Lakota Indian Culture
Feb 08, 2023
JJ Kent
Lakota Indian Culture

JJ Kent is a musician and educator who is a descendant of his grandmother’s full-blooded Muskogee heritage.  He is also the adopted son of a full-blooded Lakota woman from the Oglala band. JJ is immersed in the proud lineage of both these indigenous nations. He received his Lakota name Wicasa Ho Waste’ (which means “Good Voice Man”) from his adopted Oglala mother.

Some years ago, JJ was asked to share his knowledge of Native American history through storytelling and this was to became an important part of a spiritual journey for many.  JJ’s music and teaching touches many hearts and he has taught and played his music at various universities and educational venues across continents.

JJ is an accomplished musician playing Native American flute, as well as singing and playing guitar and keyboards. Receiving almost yearly nominations, he was excited to win the coveted 2009 NAMMY Flutist of the Year award and continues to sell his multiple CDs all over the world.

At the present time JJ and his wife live in Rapid City, South Dakota (translated in Lakota as “Mni Lúzahaŋ Otȟúŋwahe” which means “Swift Water City”) and travels the world sharing his music and teaching.

To learn more about JJ visit his webpage