Maximizing Your Gratitude Attitude
Feb 02, 2022 12:00 PM
David George Brooke
Maximizing Your Gratitude Attitude

David George Brooke – “That Gratitude Guy” has the uncanny ability to illustrate and communicate the immense benefits of adopting an “attitude of gratitude.”   He reveals how a gratitude mindset can completely shift one’s view of life to one that focuses on their blessings and abundance.

This is NOT your typical robotic presentation with tons of Power Point slides, instead, this is a very interactive, humorous, and fun, talk that includes high energy, exercises, and numerous takeaways to use in your everyday life.

By embracing the incredible power of gratitude, and by using simple exercises to break old habits and beliefs, attendees can re-form and re-focus their lives with much higher expectations. With over 1500 gratitude videos posted on YouTube, David has reached millions of people with his message and is now considered an expert on how gratitude can enhance and improve your life.

Learning Objectives

• Learning how gratitude can overcome any life-changing event.

• Exercises to keep you moving towards a more positive mindset.

• The benefits of using a daily gratitude journal

• Increased happiness, a better attitude, and higher self-esteem.

Be prepared to look at your life differently……

“Gratitude turns what you have into enough” /

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